An Ode to the Moon, My Feminine

I’ve been doing a lot of inner work and healing.

Part of that is learning how to trust and surrender to my feminine side. To her. To the unpredictable, flowing, emotional, caring, and nurturing Lina. Not shutting her down, as I did so often in the past. Moving with her, letting her show up, fully, grow, shine, and expand, to sink again. Like the moon.

She reflects all that I give to her. When I stay present with her, when I provide for her, she rewards me with her glow. Her cyclical being used to make me feel so out of control. Now I surrender to the flow, the changes, the feelings, and I let them pass. I let them pass!

Many times we refuse to let her complete the cycle. We turn our back on her, and by that, we diminish her shine. But she is the reflection. Without the attention, the presence of the sun (our masculine), the moon is imperceptible.

The big emotions, the unpredictable ebb and flow, they need to be held, they need space and consideration (not action! — as in acting out…). Because if we push our feminine away, we push all of her away. We push away the intuition, the creativity, the expressive and vulnerable sides to us.

Over the years the feminine became defined as weak and was pushed aside. I realized that I carry these limiting beliefs within me. Like “I have to exude masculine energy in order to gain wealth.” How inhibiting! I have gained much more wealth now than ever before in my life while flowing so freely and trusting my intuition on where to place my money. Those beliefs aren’t just related to wealth, they go so deep into so many aspects of my life. They were reflected in my lack of vulnerability in my relationships, and the deep association of emotions being inherently ‘bad’ that I carried over the years…

I am getting back to her now. The moon. Letting her shine. And seeing all that my giving and protecting (the masculine) can help her create.




Poetry and short stories. Feminine Energy. Follow me on IG - linaventures for more words.

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Lina Pauline

Lina Pauline

Poetry and short stories. Feminine Energy. Follow me on IG - linaventures for more words.

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